November is the time where men all over the world show off their mustache growing prowess. Affectionately known as ‘No-Shave November’, this month marks a period of time where mustaches and beards are grown to raise awareness for various men’s health issues. Here’s a quick history lesson if you’re wondering what popularized the rituals:

About a decade and a half ago, a group of men in Australia came up with the term ‘Movember.’ This term was used to describe the act of growing mustaches in November in support of various charities. Another group of men organized an event where they wouldn’t shave for thirty days for a great cause, and this marked the beginning of the Movember Foundation charity. They have since gone on to raise over $150 million worldwide.

In 2010, the Movember Foundation charity launched the Moscars - a video contest where participants of the Movember movement highlight their involvement.

It is once again time to pull out the trimmers. There are several easy-to-follow styles of mustaches if you’re in need of ideas. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for something light and simple, or the horseshoe made famous by Hulk Hogan. You can sample any of these styles with the Mo’stache Me app.

This app, available on all mobile devices, uses cutting edge photo-editing technology to integrate some style into your pictures. Whether you are deciding on what kind of mustache to grow, or have committed to a particular style and are keeping track of your progress - the Mo’stache Me app is an essential part of your mustache styling toolkit.

This app eliminates the need to sift through style pictures on the internet. A great benefit to this app is that you yourself are the model for all of the mustache styles that you’re looking at. You can best gauge how a style would look when you use yourself as a model. Everyone is different, a style that works on you may not work for someone else, and the vice versa is true as well. If you decide to commit to a style that you see on the app, you can track it using daily photos and even create a cool time-lapse movie that highlights the stylistic adventure you have taken with your mustache.

Whether it’s Movember, a special time for all mustache enthusiasts, or you simply want to try some styles out, you should try the Mo’Stache Me App!


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